Puerto Valle offers a range of leisure activities for adults and children, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Enjoying nature with the family is a privilege that guests will be able to experience in multiple ways: walking along the river banks, trying to discover the species that inhabit the area, or simply enjoying the natural landscape from the pier or the palapa—all of these are activities that can be shared by parents and children.


1) Cooking with the restaurant’s chef, who will teach children to prepare a traditional local dish with the organic garden’s produce.

2) Visit to Yacaré Porá, the caiman farm where children can learn about the sustainable conservation project and the secrets of raising a caiman.

3) Search for capybaras, the large rodents that dwell in the hotel park and can be found during sunset.

4) Gathering flowers, fruits and leaves in the native forest to learn about local flora. Back in the hotel, a specialized guide will help children identify the species they have gathered.

5) Howler monkey trail. A walk on a trail opened in the heart of the Paranaense forest, with the opportunity to watch howler monkeys up close.

6) Horseback riding in the forest, and learning about responsible forestry management in compliance with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards.