The tranquility of the Paraná River offers an unparalleled setting for fishing enthusiasts, who will be escorted by a specialized guide to access the best spots in search of pieces of dorado, pirá pitá and pacú, among other local species.

The hotel offers guests a three-day program with excursions to the Upper Paraná River, the channels and the waters downstream the Yacyretá dam, ensuring a unique and unforgettable fishing experience. Every season has its specific alternatives. It should be noted that sport fishing is prohibited in November and December.

The wharf is 25 kilometers from the manor house. Whether you travel with friends, family or your partner, there is a range of different activities each one can enjoy and share when reuniting after their own adventures at the end of the day: while some may talk about the experience on the fishing excursion, others will share the joys of bird watching, or horseback riding, hiking or visiting the caiman farm, the tree nursery, or simply the feelings of a fully relaxing afternoon at the palapa facing the river.


Day 1: In Search of Dorado Fish
Day 2: Forests, Islands and Channels, Home to ‘Pirá Pitá’
Day 3: Downstream the Dam