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Estancia Puerto Valle was established in 1868, when Italian sailor Bernadino Valle bought the land from the provincial government to develop his cattle-raising and merchandise transportation business.

Today, the estate of the old Estancia engages in sustainable production, more precisely, forestry and cattle-raising activities.


The nursery produces more than 4 million seedlings of eucalyptus, Grevillea, kiri and yerba mate per year. These specimens are used for forestry plantation under FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) standards, which require adherence to the highest social and environmental practices.


The Monkey Trail excursion is an invitation to enter the lavish vegetation in search of the traces of howler monkeys. These monkeys live atop the trees, while the lower strata are populated by birds, capybaras and other mammals. These secluded areas of the Paranaense Forest are vital for the preservation of biodiversity. They have been recognized with IBA (Important Bird Area) status certified by Aves Argentinas and Bird Life International.


Starting from the stalls, our experienced guide leads the way along the exclusive trails of the estate. Horseback riding is part of the history and tradition of the place—visitors will enjoy a historical and unforgettable ride, with the chance to get lost in the colorful sunsets of Corrientes while traversing pine and eucalyptus woods.