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The estate on which the Estancia stands reaches inside the Reserve, up to the wetlands border, serving as exceptional gateway to an amazing protected natural environment.

Only ten kilometers from the hotel, leaving behind fields, plantations and marshlands, one gets to the wharf, the starting point to engage in a true adventure along a waterway leading to Laguna Valle. Caimans, capybaras, pampa deer, marshland deer and neotropical otters (lobitos de río) are some of the species that can be observed at a close distance along the way.

As the solitary boat proceeds along the lake shores, making its way through the exuberant vegetation, travelers will try to identify the sound of some of the countless bird species travelling with them along the way.
As the sun sets, the guide will serve some tasty delicatessen from Corrientes, paired with the most traditional local beverage: mate.